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Our Art Department

We have a full staff of experienced artists and merchandiser at your disposal to help you bring your projects to fruition. Whether it is a simple colorway creation or an original print in need of repeat work, we can make all your ideas into a reality.


Our Collections

We have over 5,000 patterns engraved and available to the open market. In addition, we create a merchandised print collection monthly, highlighting the current trends and fabrications of the market.


Digital Printing

We have digital printing capacities with our Mimaki digital printer, available for direct printing for samples in natural fibers or transfer printing for samples in polyester.

Our customers have come to appreciate this tool whether it is just to test a pattern before engraving or a need for sample yardage in a hurry.


Printing Services

We have established our success on traditional pigment printing but we have now developed a specialty finish called “presidential finish” which can rival a wet printing process in softness and drape.

We print on a variety of fabrics such as cotton knits and wovens, rayons, polyesters, nylon and higher end blends such as Modal and Silks.

We are equipped with a 12-screen rotary screen machine and a 8-screen rotary screen machine, fitting all your most demanding projects.


Our additional printing techniques include:

Discharge printing

Dye gain/ Dye resist


Foil (single process only)

Puff printing



We also offer additional finishing services such as tumble laundering, washing, sanding and calendaring,


Solid Coordinates

We source full package fabrications form local and imported resources for its printing needs but we can also coordinate your solid colors in the same fabrication.

Our suppliers have access to all fabrics, wovens and knits, imported or domestic, even Organic.


Heat Transfer Printing / Wet Printing

We have the local resources to process any orders requiring a heat transfer printing process or a Wet printing process (packages only, no commission printing).


Import Production

Although our printing plant is in Los Angeles, we can also take care of your imported production with partners in China and Korea.


Swimwear/ High Performance

Chemtex has had the pleasure over the years to serve many of our local Swimwear and High performance companies and we pride ourselves in our experience in this very demanding industry.

We rely on reputable suppliers for our fabrics and have also partnered with multiple printers overseas to satisfy our customers needs, from Wet Printing in Asia to digital printing in Italy.